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We loved the time we had staying here. It has all the elements we were looking for, beautiful scenery, private, quiet, and great fishing! Thanks for sharing your place with us; it will be a memory that will bring a smile to our faces.

What a truly beautiful spot. We needed to get out of the city for some peace and quiet and we sure did find it here. Your cabin is gorgeous and the property is spectacular. We had fun eating out of the garden and listening to the river at night. We floated the Imnaha with Mac Huff and caught many nice rainbows, but I think we caught more in front of your house!

We could go on and on about the wonders of house – the grape arbor, the charming old-fashioned comfort, the sitting porches, the garden, the old woodwork and interesting recycled lumber. As a botanist and writer we spent a blissful week here.

We brought three boys and a dog 1500 miles to stay down here in Imnaha. It has been everything we hoped for. We stocked up on food, checked out Chief Joseph days and couldn’t bear to leave this place again. When we ran out of dinners, we ate at the tavern. The boys swam in every swimming hole they could find and the oldest ‘tried’ to skate board to town- short ride, long walk. Shawn hiked, and I pretended I lived here. Your place is a well in which we all drank deep-thank you for sharing.

What a delightful haven you have here. We had the most restorative vacation we’ve had in years- swimming, fishing, hiking, cooking, and just soaking in the beautiful scenery. Lots of laughs and conviviality among good friends also made the weekend memorable. It’s clear that you’ve put a lot of care and love into the house over the years- it is sweet in every detail. We can’t wait to come back!

Pam and Skip- A thousand thanks! Your house by the river is a dream come true for us…utterly secluded, utterly beautiful, serenaded day and night by the soothing music of a river and adjoining a stupendously tempting garden. You have world class tomatoes and improved everything we added them to. Warm sunny days, cool nights, lots of stars, no lights, and just the occasional car to remind us there is a real world outside this enchanted canyon. We enjoyed the perfect cabin, everything right for comfort…and cooking in the kitchen was a dream…you’ve stocked it with a great collection of handy utensils. Many, many hikes left to do, birds to spot, back roads to explore, we’ll be back!

Very relaxing and a wildlife adventure. Mink in the rip-rap, wild turkeys up the road, a herd of elk cows up Hat Point Road, kestrels working the updrafts to hover, eagles and lots of small songbirds. We found a lovely little waterfall in a box canyon. Thank you for making this home available to others!

Thank you for letting us experience the River House! It was a great place to relax and soak in the sounds of nature and to view the majestic hills and to smell the scents of the surroundings. We were thankful to be able to experience this place on our honeymoon!

We had fun exploring the countryside and nearby towns but most of all it was great to just sit in the yard with our feet propped up on the stone wall watching the river and trying to identify the many different birds we saw.

There are various kinds of transcendence and when we walked across the threshold of your home, your place, I think we both felt we had entered a new beginning- and that we have so much on our lives to treasure. Being her just a few days somehow brought us to a place we needed to be – to rediscover inspiration, a balance of discipline and “will.” These days have been filled with so much peace. I think your souls live here and welcome all who come here. You are an inspiration, cannot thank you enough for sharing. “God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll be back!”

We were invited here to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday. My 5 year old daughter was in absolute wonderland; fishing, swimming, using the binoculars, and prancing around this place as if it was her own.  There is such positivity in the air, goodness has been through here, and I hope nothing ever changes.

Having been around the world and to many faraway places the future will hold for me (when I think of delightful spaces and “getting away from it all”), a setting of rustic charm and bygone motif, a little niche near Imnaha. May peace and joy be with those who enter here…

Clouds have been as scarce as frowns since we got her to soak up the beauty, serenity and lulling sound of the river which puts us to sleep (early!) every night and wakes us (late!) every morning. We did some great hikes this time. Maxwell Lake up from Lostine and part way up Chief Joseph Mountain… till we hit our limits. But we always love returning to the canyons, the solitude, the glowing yellow grass and miraculously cool, comfy River House. Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven once again! Once again your garden has entertained us, watching the corn, tomatoes, eggplants, ripen in the beautiful Indian summer weather we have enjoyed our entire stay. Your house continues to delight us, everything, both inside and out, is so interesting and pleasing to look at. Thank you for sharing.

Wow! Incredible! Unbelievable! There are so many words to describe this wonderful cabin and surrounding area. It was a rough, slow 13.4 drive after the Imnaha Inn in our AWD vehicle but the 10 mile roundtrip hike to and from the Snake River along the Imnaha River trail was worth it, as it was a highlight of our stay. The canyon views are spectacular. Other fun adventures were the Eagle Cap Excursion train out of Elgin, the tram at Wallowa Lake and the artwork including paintings, bronze sculptures and pottery in Joseph. Stop at Calderas for a great meal. For a completely different experience, have a beer and chicken gizzards and froglegs with Dave the owner/barkeeper at the Imnaha Store and Tavern. He is quite a character and has great stories. Finally, the wildlife were plentiful and included a bald eagle, various hawks, kingfishers, quail, chukars, grouse, wild turkeys, screech owls, black mink, mule deer and resident raccoons who on more than one occasion enjoyed the grapes on the arbor!

We fell in love at first sight..as we came around the bend, growing concerned we may have taken the wrong road and there it was, “The River House.” IT is everything we hoped for and offered everything we needed. It truly is a “magical” place and every detail is precious. We have cherished every moment. The weather was perfect, the trout were biting (yum!) and we were happy, not to have cell service! Please don’t change a thing!

We drove our Harleys to Paradise at the River House. Who could ask for more? I brought R.J. here for his birthday and he said it was the best time he had since he got a brand new John Deere pedal tractor when he was 4 years old- and fainted dead away! (55 years ago) I felt like I came home- cooked some bacon and it smelled like grammas’ house- sat on the porch and watched the river- this would be my dream house. Thanks for sharing what you worked so hard to build; you made two people very happy.